Cluny, The Caribbean and The Clearances

This film explores nineteenth century connections between the Cluny estate of Colonel John Gordon in Aberdeenshire, the Colonel's slave estates on the Caribbean island of Tobago and the clearance of Barra in the Western Isles during the Highland potato famine of 1846-1851.

Many Thanks to :-

Cosmo Linzee Gordon for permission to film at Cluny Castle. University of Aberdeen Special Collections Librarians for all their assistance.Duncan MacKinnon, Barra, for Eoligarry landscape photographs.Eain Scott for Tropical Sunset Photograph.

Music by David Hilowitz

Records and Documents

University of Aberdeen Special Collections LibraryMS 3600 Gordon of Cluny Papers.MS SCA OL Scottish Catholic Archives: Oban LettersKildonan Museum, South UistReport to Colonel John Gordon of Cluny by John Fleming 1839Description of Grazings to let on Long Island by Col Gordon 1844/45.

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