Cairness and the Caribbean

Cairness and the Caribbean: Slavery's Legacy in North East Scotland

This film builds on recent work by historians about the role of Scots in Caribbean slavery . It focuses on the Gordon family of Cairness near Fraserburgh in Aberdeenshire in the late eighteenth and early 19th centuries and describes the links between Cairness House, one of Scotland’s greatest neo-classical country houses and the Georgia sugar plantation on the island of Jamaica. Cairness House and many other country houses in Scotland reminds us of a dark period in our history and of our common, shared heritage with people of West Africa and the Caribbean.

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University of Aberdeen for permission to use images from Gordon of Buthlaw and Cairness Estate papers. MS1160The staff at Special Collections Library, University of Aberdeen .National Trust for Scotland for permission to use portraits of Charles Gordon and Christian Forbes from Fyvie Castle.Professor Jane Geddes for information on the Powis GatewayJohn and Gillian Moir, Home Farm, Cairness.


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