Symbols and Statements

Picts: Symbols and Statements is Part 2 of our trilogy on the Pictish people of Scotland.

This film begins where Symbols and Signs ends and traces attempts to explain the meaning of the Pictish symbols through the translation of Ogham and Latin inscriptions on a small number ofthe symbol stones.

The film focuses on a number of key Pictish stones including those at St Vigeans, Auchenblae and Aberlemno. The film asks whether a Pictish ‘Rosetta Stone’ has been discovered which reveals the meaning of the symbols.

Our thanks go to

The Master and Fellows of Corpus Cristi College, Cambridge, for permission to use MS 197M from the Northumbrian Gospel Book

Trinity College Dublin for permission to use images from the Book of Durrow and the Book of Kells.

Martin McCarthy kindly allowed us to use his image of the Scoonie Stone.

Music: Road_Trip_Through_Installation_04 by Matthew Huffaker, TEKNOAXE

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