Dip in Video

Dip in Video is the website of amateur film makers and brothers-in-law, Nigel Scott and Alan Short. The site hosts their videos on aspects of Scottish history. We are not a commercial organisation.

The films present some of the latest research and current thinking on a range of topics and provides a striking visual record of key locations in the scripts. The films make no claim to be the ‘final word’ on the topic but do try to be accurate and up-to- date at the time they were made. The books and other resources on which the research is based are listed at the end of the films and are also available here on the site.

Terms of Use

You are free to use all or part of our videos for personal or educational use.

If you incorporate a video or part of a video into your own personal or educational project you must attribute Dip In Video in your credits e.g. "Video Name by kind permission of Dip In Video"

These videos, or parts thereof, are NOT available for commercial use.